Festive crafts and Christmas trees

We are open 7 days a week 10-3pm from Saturday 2nd Nov throughout December for sales of trees and other festive items.

Nordmann Fir

125 / 150cm   4ft-5ft         £30

150 / 175cm   5ft-5.5ft     £35

175 / 200cm   5.5ft-6.5ft  £40

200 / 225cm   6.5ft-7ft     £45

225cm+           7ft+            £50



150 / 175cm    5-5.5ft       £26

175 / 200cm   5.5-6.5ft    £30

200cm +          7ft+            £35




Free delivery in lancaster.

£5 Morecambe & Heysham

Handmade natural wreaths


Our wreaths are all hand made and each one is unique, they are made by the people we support and our volunteers.


We have 2 sizes -

Small £8

Medium £10



They are made from natural materials gathered from our site and local area.




Rustic handmade festive items



Our rustic handmade snowmen are individually priced.


Prices range from £3 - £15


Each one is unique and has their own cheeky personality!






Our reindeer come in variety of sizes, they are handmade and each one unique.


They are priced individually.


Prices range from £10 - £25



Tea light holders


We have a range of handmade tea light holders made from wood and glass jars.


They have been made by the people we support and each one is unique.


Priced at £1.50 each

Xmas cards


We have a selection of hand made cards.



We are located at:


Piccadilly Support Services,

Piccadilly Garden






For satnav use LA1 4PW


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+44 1524 847685 +44 1524 847685



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